Ibancar, Loans with your car as Guarantee

Ibancar offers urgent credits putting your car as collateral , without changing ownership or delivering the vehicle.

This new option to get immediate loans offers you the possibility of getting money by applying for a loan by putting your vehicle as a mortgage guarantee .

You can get up to 6,000 euros without payroll and in Financial Credit Institutions , without giving up the use and ownership of your vehicle.

OFERTA IBANCAR, préstamos hasta 6.000 euros con tu vehículo como garantía, sin nómina, con ASNEF

Can I get money with Ibancar ?

Any customer who has a car in his name can get a significant amount of credit.

Not all vehicles are accepted, they work with a maximum age .

The money that can be granted to you comes based on the valuation made by the car company.

We are going to see what are the conditions offered by Ibancar , a company that specializes in the commitment of vehicles, which are very interesting.

You can request a loan with Ibancar as long as you have a vehicle in your name, less than 13 years old and free of charges .

You use the vehicle as collateral for your urgent loan , regardless of your employment status or age.

Even so, you will be required to be able to prove periodic income.

You can get money by guaranteeing with your car even being in files of defaulters such as ASNEF de EQUIFAX or RAI .

The use of these credits with car pawn is usually one of the best solutions for those users who need credits in Financial Credit Institutions .

With this method you can request loans of large amounts without having to go through any bank or bank.

How much money can I get with Ibancar?

It depends on the valuation that the company makes of the vehicle that you present as a guarantee.

In any case, the maximum limit of money that you can request is 6,000 euros.

The amount of the credit is around 70% of the valuation of the vehicle , with the maximum limit of 6,000 euros that we discussed earlier.

Taking any standard value car less than 13 years old as a reference, 70% of its value is usually more than enough for the needs of almost any customer.

How do I apply for loans with Ibancar?

Applying for credit with Ibancar is very simple, you only need to fill in the application form from its website .

Once you have verified that the car is suitable to be used as a credit guarantee, you send the necessary documentation (WhatsApp, post or email)

The documentation you need to send to apply for fast Ibancar loans is:

  • A photocopy of your valid ID or driver's license.
  • Proof of income
  • Technical sheet of the vehicle that you put as a guarantee.

Once you have verified that everything is correct, the money that has been stipulated will be in your bank account in less than 48 hours .

Ibancar loan conditions

You can get 6,000 euros at 18% interest and return in up to 36 monthly installments .

You do not need to change the ownership of your vehicle, a common thing among other companies.

In addition to not giving up ownership of the vehicle , Ibancar allows you to continue using it without having to pay for it.

And there is even more, Ibancar offers a pack of additional services that you can benefit from.

How do I return the money that Ibancar lends me?

Ibancar credits are returned in monthly installments , set in the contract, according to the value of the vehicle and the amount of the loan granted.

An affordable fee is set so that you can easily make the return in a minimum period of 12 months and a maximum of 36 .

You get a credit at 18% APR to pay comfortably in 1, 2 or 3 years.

You can solve your short-term liquidity problem without giving up your vehicle .

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