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Information about dreams: normal dreams, psychic dreams, prophetic dreams, dreams about the great earth changes, dreams about past lives, religious dreams, map dowsing, dowsing, prophetic sayings, UFO, scrying, native american sun dance and my visions about Zecharia Sitchin's books.

                      George & wife Imogene, picture taken 2006

My name is George Shaffer. I am a retired associate professor of mathematics. I was a member of the "American Association of University professors" for 16 years. I have taught at the high school level for 16 years and 21 years at the college level (16 years full time; five years part time). I have a special interest in electronics and have a hobby of amateur radio; my call sign is (W8NTX). I was first licensed in 1953 and have had over 53 years of enjoyable hamming. I spent two years teaching in Japan and My call sign there was (KA7GS). I practice meditation and have had vivid visions, mostly in full color. The following information is a result of some of these visions.

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Always remember "Love is the Key".

My newest dreams and visions can be found on my  web page "New Material" also some visions and dreams from readers of my wep pages.  These dreams and visions will eventually be placed in the appropriate category on the web pages that are listed below.  Those that have been reading my web pages might find it interesting to check the "New Material" web page.

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(My philosophy)



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My philosophy
7/31/06-- During the last several years many have written and asked when will the next world war start? I have told them that it has already started and the starting time is really hard to define. It is probably as much as seven to eight years ago.  This is not and will not be a conventional war, it is a religious war and will get more intense as the years move along.  There are parts of the world which will not see much violence but no country will completely escape.  The seeds for this war have been laid several generations ago where the young were taught to hate certain groups and they will not be deterred in their efforts. Let's hope that love prevails. I can still here that inner voice when it spoke to me "love is the key".

2/13/06 -- I have always wondered about all the various religions that we have in this world.  All of these religions
think they are the only ones that can offer their members salvation.  This has never made sense to me and I am
sure there are many others that have the same attitude.  What follows is my feeble attempt to try to make sense of
all of this.  All of these religions believe there is an afterlife and theirs is the only way to obtain it. I firmly believe
in the afterlife. I was raised a Christian and that is what I must be.  Are there only Christians in the afterlife?  I do
not think so.  I have searched the New Testament trying to find if the Christian philosophy might leave the door
open to individuals that were raised within a different religion.  If you do not believe in an afterlife there is no need
to read any further.

I have looked in Matthew, Mark and Luke  and may have found (in my opinion) how Jesus has opened the door to
all. I am sure others have found the same verses and may have come to my conclusion or maybe a totally different
opinion. It would be interesting to know what others think.  Here are the verses that I will use to make my point
(Matthew 22:37,38,39 - Mark 12: 28, 29, 30, 31 Luke 10: 26, 27  ). When Jesus was asked: What would individuals have to do to be assured that they will be with the father (God). He stated that the two most important things are:
1- love God the Father with all your heart and might. 2- love your neighbor as yourself.  He did not say be a
Christian.  I do not believe the Christian Church had been formed when these words were uttered. It seems to me if these two rules are at the focus of your life, you are well on the way to salvation.  I believe all the major religions
adhere to this principle.  All major religions have just one God. That God may be named differently in the various
religions but it is the same God no matter what name one attaches to him or her.

This is not an article to try to get people to change their religion but I would hope that if their particular leader does not teach love and respect for all humans, then find a leader (within the religion of your choice) that does teach the
idea of love for all.  If your leader does not teach this idea of love, walk away from that leader and find one that
does teach this.  There are a few bad apples in all religions; do not follow them because your salvation may be in

During a meditation session (years ago) the inner voice spoke to me and I still clearly remember that voice telling
me "love is the key".  Others have e-mailed me and they tell me they have heard the same message. It is not important whether you believe or do not believe what I have written. What is important : Did I make you
think about your religion and salvation? Some might say, George, this is too simplistic; the process is much more complicated than what you say. I say, If it is more complicated then there will be no one in heaven. As humans we can never totally achieve this idea of love, but we must try, and that is what is important.
Always remember "love is the key"

4/13/05-- Many of my readers have written me wondering why prophecy, many times, does not come about at the
time frame that is mentioned.  There are several reasons for this and I believe the main reason is that the so-called spiritual world (just as real as the world we live in) does not work on a linear time frame.  In this spiritual world, I
believe everything happens at essentially the same time but on different levels of existence.  If this spiritual world
were to look at a particular past event (that occurred on earth) they would have to seek that particular level of
existence.  I also believe that this spiritual world can go to future earth events.  Those spirituals involved in this
endeavor would have to seek a level of existence that would relate to a future time frame for the world we humans
live in.  It would be difficult for the spiritual enmity to relate (the event they are seeing) to a specific linear time
frame on earth.  They may be able to get close to the correct time but never exactly. Please keep in mind that a
thousand years is just a snap of the fingers geologically speaking.

I believe the second reason (just as important as the first reason) would be that we humans have free will and our
combined thoughts can postpone events that occur on a linear time frame.  A linear time frame is what we humans
live in. These two thoughts are very difficult to grasp and understand and I am not sure the human brain is capable
of fully understanding this.  It always amuses me when individuals say that certain things are scientifically
impossible.  This just goes to show how vain we human can be.  We as humans know very little about the workings
of the universe. I always like to say that learning is climbing an endless ladder and we humans have not made it to
the first rung yet. If we do not exterminate ourselves we will eventually start climbing this ladder of knowledge but
not until we master the universal idea of LOVE.
"Love is the key"
This information was freely given to me and I freely pass it on to others. If you would like to copy some or all of it, please do so. My main purpose is to get as many people as possible to view this material. I firmly believe if the majority of humans would have a positive attitude and extend love to all people of this world, our collective thoughts can actually change prophecy.

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