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Many companies can manage your credit application only with your DNI or NIE, especially if they are small amounts of money. You simply need to send your ID by email, although normally you will also need a bank receipt.

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Loans to be repaid between 5 and 90 days or in monthly installments up to 10 years, APR from 0.00%. The best loan and credit offers of 2020.

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What is a credit only with ID?

Credit only with DNI is a financing product through which, they lend us money by presenting only the DNI or NIE and that we have to return, plus interest and commissions, within the agreed term. Normally only up to 800 euros in 90 days.

How long does it take to manage my application with only ID?

Some financial entities grant credits only with your ID, in a couple of hours, but the approval period ranges between 24 and 48 hours.

The amounts that are granted are smaller than those of a common traditional bank loan, due to the haste with which they are granted. Even using online banking.

Instant credits only with DNI are ideal for emergencies and unforeseen events, but it is recommended that they be paid as soon as possible due to their high interest rate.

Get credits only with ID

Applying for loans only with ID is very simple

With our help you can get fast money just with your DNI , without more paperwork, without guarantees. You only need your DNI or NIE and a bank account where we will deposit your money instantly.

Check our offer in fast loans only with ID and then we will ask you for the necessary data, simple, without payroll, without explanations and the whole process is online.

Fill in the form, provide your ID and a bank account number and you will have the money quickly in the account, you will return it to us in the agreed time, with total comfort. Your company is GeorgeDreams .

Remember that our interest is that you can return the credit and be totally satisfied with our service so that we can have the privilege of granting you other credits online when you need it.

Do not hesitate, sleep peacefully, request mini-credit with ID with us easily and with complete confidence through the mini loans only with ID that we offer.

Do you have difficulties to get credit only with the DNI?

We propose a new alternative to be able to request credit online with the DNI quickly. A financial institution that grants loans that makes it easy for the application to be processed very quickly by several companies with a simple form. With the best possible options and conditions.

You choose which option they offer you best meets your credit needs only with ID and which has the most advantageous options for you.

They will inform you of each of the possibilities they find when treating your application and for each one of them information about APR, repercussions of non-payment, conditions in case of default, terms and conditions of each of the credits or personal loans.

Do you need quick money just with the DNI?

If the answer is YES, we offer 100% online loans of amounts from 50 euros to 60,000 euros, here we give you easy options and total security.

Remember, what interests us the most is that you can return your money and be happy so that you can count on us other times when you need quick money.

You can see information about APR and terms and conditions of their quick loans on their website by clicking on the "Request" button.

You may also be interested in more information on how to get money only with your DNI in a few minutes, what financial products exist in the market and what your repayment period may be.

Frequently asked questions about online loans only with ID

Can I get credit on the spot with my DNI?

Having a valid DNI or NIE is the main requirement to be able to prove your identity, it is totally necessary. You can even get credit on the spot just with your DNI .

Can I get quick and easy credit only with ID?

Yes, as long as you can verify your solvency with a tool such as Instantor or others, it is possible to get a quick and easy credit with just your ID .

What amount of money can I request only with a DNI or NIE?

Normally this type of credits that are requested only with the DNI or NIE do not exceed 1000 euros, although there are more and more online lenders that propose new formulas to verify the solvency of their clients.

More information about loans only with DNI and with ASNEF

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