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We offer management and information completely free of charge, we charge commissions from the lenders if you request the loan with them, without any additional expense.

We have been dedicated for years to simplify the management of quick credit applications that you can easily get .

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Request quick credits to be returned between 5 and 90 days or in monthly installments up to 10 years, APR from 0.00%. The best easy-to-obtain credit offers of 2020.

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What is a quick and easy loan?

Quick and easy loans are a financing product with simple and completely online processing . You receive an amount of money that you must return in a specified time, plus the agreed interest and commissions.

Interest on an urgent loan

The interests and commissions of this type of loan vary according to the amount and the time that you enjoy the borrowed money. They also vary from one lender to another.

The final cost of the product is also influenced by the risk that the lender assumes by leaving you the money. This risk factor is defined above all by your personal financial situation, if you are unemployed, if you have a payroll, if you are retired, if you are in ASNEF, in short, it depends directly on your periodic income.

The greater the risk that the lender must assume by leaving you the money, the greater the cost of the loan. But it is clear that when you need to finance yourself urgently you have to assume that the cost is not always going to be low. Although sometimes there are lenders who grant the first easy loan to their clients and without interest . They are offers whose purpose is to get new customers and that they can become regular customers.

How to request quick and easy credits to get?

To request a quick credit you simply select the amount and term, fill out a simple form and in seconds we will present you with the best personalized offers .

We offer this service for free. Our benefit comes from the company that grants you the product once you hire it, at no cost to you.

Steps to get a fast credit online :

  1. Select amount and term
  2. Fill in a simple form with your basic personal data
  3. Receive a response in a few minutes to know if your application is pre-approved
  4. Send the necessary documentation according to your case
  5. You receive notification if the application is definitively approved
  6. You accept the contract via email or SMS
  7. You receive the money in a maximum of 24 hours

As you can see, obtaining easy and urgent loans is very simple . You just need to follow these simple steps, although there are other possibilities of fast financing online as you can see in the following points.

Once the request is accepted, you will have the money in your account immediately . Depending on the schedule of the clear request. It can take up to 24 hours due to bank hours and the time it takes to handle the transfer.

Consigue préstamos rápidos fáciles de obtener

Alternatives to request quick credits

You can always find yourself with which lender to make your request from our comparators, for this you can consult the menu according to the amount you need or your current situation.

You will be informed of each of the possibilities that we find and for each one of them: APR information, repercussions of non-payment, conditions in case of delay, terms and conditions, etc.

Why apply through GeorgeDreams?

Our work focuses on obtaining the greatest amount of important information about each of the companies so that you can choose where to apply for your credit in the simplest way, speeding up the procedures.

We have been working for years to find the credit that our users need, giving them all the necessary information so that they can choose the best option.

Do not hesitate, sleep peacefully. You can get a quick and easy loan online with total confidence and reliability through our website.

In addition, if you select our automatic management system, you will find the best offers with a single form, so that you can get the money you need as quickly as possible.

Types of easy and urgent credits

Quick credits

You can request quick and easy credits and in 5 minutes the money in your account once the application is approved in depending on the bank hours.

Loans on the spot

Our service to request fast loans on the spot is entirely online, which will help you get loans quickly and easily.

Loans with ASNEF

If you are on delinquent lists such as ASNEF, do not worry, you can get fast credits with ASNEF even without payroll.

Credits only with ID

You can get money quickly only with the DNI, without guarantees, without explanations, without complications, fast loans only with DNI is what you need.

Credits without paperwork

You only need your ID and a bank receipt to request quick credits without paperwork and without the need for extra documentation, your money easy and fast.

Credits without payroll

Find easy credits without payroll and loans without payroll or endorsement in a few minutes without giving explanations, in a simple and urgent way.

No questions asked

Get fast credits if you ask and without giving explanations today, the money that you need in less than 24 hours.

Online credits

Know all the advantages of applying for fast loans online, the speed, the ease, in a few minutes you know if your application has been approved.


Leading company in mini-credits instantly online up to € 1,000. Get the money you need fast, without paperwork, only with the ID and without payroll.

How to find the best credit offers easy to obtain?

  • Search for yourself the websites of companies you know and compare all their conditions.
  • Use credit comparators . They are a good tool since they show you at a glance the most relevant conditions of each of the credits they grant.
  • Delegate to financing managers , such as ours, by means of which you fill out a single form and they take care of managing your request and finding the best offers for urgent and easy-to-obtain loans. It is the simplest and totally safe system.

Quick and easy loan requirements

  • Be of age.
  • Reside in New Jersey.
  • Have the DNI / NIE document.
  • Have a mobile number where the acceptance SMS will be sent to you.
  • Have a bank receipt to prove that you are the owner of the account you provide.
  • Have income , we must demonstrate that we have a periodic income, whether it is payroll, pension, unemployment benefit or others.
  • Many of the companies need that you are not on any list of defaulters such as ASNEF or EQUIFAX, although many companies grant credits while in ASNEF.

Based on these requirements, companies carry out a risk study and then you receive a quick response to find out if your application is accepted or not.

What are the advantages of quick credits?

The main advantages of requesting quick credits are the following:

  • You can simulate the loan payment before requesting it.
  • You will have the money in your account in minutes. Regardless of personal situation, only with ID, without paperwork, without payroll and without conditions or hidden fees.
  • Find the best offers for fast loans up to 60,000 euros. Simply click on request and fill out the form.
  • You can return the money in a single payment or in monthly installments, depending on the amount.
  • Immediate response without the need to present any type of documentation.
  • Our modern internal algorithms make it easy for us to offer fast online credit that perfectly suits your needs in a few minutes.

These advantages mark the differences between urgent loans over the Internet compared to traditional bank loans, which are many, since the latter are increasingly difficult to obtain.

What amounts can I request with urgent credits?

You can easily obtain quick credits of amounts from 50 to 60,000 euros . We work with different lenders according to the amount of money you need and according to your personal financial situation. You can consult the menu to locate each of the options.

We divide companies according to quantities because they tend to have different conditions and different requirements. It is not the same to request 1000 euros that you want to return in 60 days than requesting 20,000 euros to be returned in monthly installments. They are two different types of fast loans and they are requested differently. Different lenders work one product or the other, but almost never both.

You will always be aware of the conditions of each of the loans before contracting. We recommend that you review all the contract documentation well before signing, since sometimes our information may not be fully updated.

The amounts of money that you can request through quick credits are: 100 euros , 150 euros , 200 euros , 250 euros , 300 euros , 500 euros , 1,000 euros and up to 60,000 euros

Documentation you need to request a quick and easy loan

  • DNI or NIE . To verify that we meet the age requirement and that we reside in New Jersey.
  • Proof of periodic income . To demonstrate that we have regular income and thus be able to face the payment of the credit we request smoothly.
  • Bank receipt or statement . So that they can verify that we are the holders of the account number that we provide when making the online application.

In practically all lending companies we must provide a minimum of documentation so that they can verify our identity.

Anyway, you can find quick and easy credit offers with little documentation or paperwork . Only with your ID and a bank receipt you already have access to many online financing offers.

We can send these documents by email or by uploading them to our administration once we make the request. All this will be facilitated by the lender company. They will help us at all times to make the whole process as simple as possible.

How to ask for fast financing in a responsible way?

You must take into account several things when you decide to request money online:

  • Before requesting your loan, you must be sure that you can repay it . Also that in the event of an unforeseen event you will be able to face those extra expenses that will mean the delay in the return.
  • Try trying other options before applying: asking family or friends for the money, an advance on your job, etc. This solution is more expensive, although if you plan the return well on the agreed date you will not have problems. It will be a quick and easy way to have the money necessary to cover those extra expenses that arise for all of us.

We must request credits online responsibly and with the assurance that we are not going to borrow more than necessary.

Once the risks are clarified, which are few if you have studied the repayment terms and act responsibly, you must bear in mind that no matter how much you see a loan without paperwork, only with ID, etc. You will always need at least your DNI / NIE and a bank receipt in which you figure as the owner of the account where the money will be deposited.

Have these documents ready and better in digital format (scan or quality photo). It will greatly speed up the resolution of your request and the time in which you will have the money available in your account.

Another important thing when applying is that when filling in the application form you do not enter false information.

Don't try to fool the control systems. They will know and you will waste your time. Reducing your future chances of obtaining credits.

Also make sure the phone number is correct. Since it is the means by which they will contact you to inform you whether or not the requested loan has been granted.

From GeorgeDreams we provide you with the tools so that you can get fast online loans easily and in a few minutes. Without having to visit hundreds of web pages and in companies of the highest quality, reliability and trust.

What can I solve through an urgent credit?

  • A breakdown at home . Any appliance breaks down and you need to repair it urgently such as the refrigerator, washing machine, vitro, television, computer. Applying for a loan you can solve the problem in a very simple way.
  • Breakdown in the car . We need the car to go to work or any other important use and we cannot be without it, apply for a loan and solve the problem promptly today.
  • Studies We want to grow professionally and personally by taking a course.
  • Dentist or any other urgent medical expense . Do not hesitate to get the money you need in less than 24 hours.
  • Travel You want to take advantage of that offer you have found and save money on the trip of your dreams. You can get it with a credit in a few minutes and sometimes without interest or commissions.

On many occasions, asking for an urgent credit of even 100 euros can help you save money. By taking advantage of offers or paying a fine early. Always find out in advance and ask for money responsibly.

There are many occasions or unforeseen events in which the option of immediate financing online can come in handy.

Solicitar créditos fáciles y rápidos online

Quick easy credits faq

What do I have to do once my easy credit application is accepted?

When they accept the application they will ask you for a series of documents such as DNI / NIE, bank receipt or proof of income, try to have them ready to speed up the process.

Can I get easy credit if I am in ASNEF?

Being in delinquent files increases the difficulty of obtaining financing, but even so, there are many companies willing to grant easy credit regardless of Financial Credit Institutions if your debt is less than 1000 euros.

What if I need an easy loan and I don't have a payroll?

Do not worry, you can get a loan even without payroll but you must prove your solvency, for example by showing that you have stable income.

Can I request a loan if I am unemployed?

Of course, YES, it is not a necessary reason why not to grant you a loan. You can have other income, either from property rental, unemployment benefit, or others.

How long does it take to receive the urgent money?

The time in which you get your loan is very fast but it can vary between companies, especially if you work with the same bank as the entity and the time of the application. It is usually a maximum of 24 hours.

Can I request quick and easy loans in installments?

Of course, one of the advantages that many easy financing companies provide to their clients is to return the money in installments, in monthly or even biweekly installments.

I need an urgent loan online, can I get it in less than 15 minutes?

Of course, as long as you have the necessary documentation ready to send, DNI or NIE, bank receipt and proof that you have stable income. With these documents you can get urgent credit online in less than 15 minutes without complications.

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