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Necesito un préstamo urgente sin aval ¿Cómo lo solicito?

Do you need an urgent loan without endorsement?

If you are thinking "I need an urgent loan without guarantee", here we can help you, there are many ways to get money without presenting guarantees. You can request credits by presenting a payroll or recurring income that you can demonstrate as it can also be a pension, unemployment benefit, subsidy or others. I don't have a guarantee. How do I get a loan? One way to achieve […]

Manage online procedures for your home in 15 minutes

Technology allows that today any procedure for the home can be carried out online. Undoubtedly, it is a modality that has many advantages, among them that there is no need to travel and that you do not need a powerful computer for processing - in fact, a smartphone is enough […]

Can I get a credit in 15 minutes?

Getting credits in 15 minutes is possible but you need to meet a series of conditions that we are going to explain below. The first thing is to find a company that manages online financing, since these are the ones that work faster in granting loans, because the processing is 100% online and from anywhere […]

Mini loans only DNI online Are they possible?

Well, it must be said that this is not totally true, it is true that the main requirement to apply for mini loans only DNI online is to have a valid DNI or NIE but it is necessary to fulfill some other requirements. What are mini loans only DNI online? It is a financial product through the […]

ASNEF cómo conocer si estoy en la lista consejos y consecuencias

How do I know if I am in ASNEF?

Being in ASNEF, requesting a loan and having it rejected at the last minute, or having problems finding financing, are some of the possible situations that those who have their name included in a list of defaulters go through and had no evidence of it. For those people who have doubts […]

Reunify your debts and centralize all payments

Do you have several loans at the same time and are you paying a lot of interest? The reunification of your debts is the best option for this particular case: you group the repayments of the loans in a single installment and, by recalculating the debt, you end up paying less interest. Undoubtedly, centralizing these procedures will not only allow you to save […]

Conseguir préstamos para desempleados

How to apply for loans for the unemployed?

Even if you are unemployed, you can choose to get financing through loans for the unemployed, we are going to explain everything you need to know. The first thing you should know is that even if you are unemployed, to get a loan you need to demonstrate a source of income, which in your case may be: Benefit for […]

¿Cómo paghar la deuda de las tarjetas de crédito?

What to do if the credit card cannot be paid?

If the time comes that without realizing it you reach the limit of your credit card and you can no longer pay it, in addition to stopping using it and talking immediately with the bank to negotiate a solution, you should reduce your expenses and try to increase your income in order to face the debt of the […]

Cómo se calculan los intereses de un préstamo online

How to calculate the commissions of an online loan?

When calculating the interest you will pay for an online loan, it is important that whenever you analyze any of the online offers, pay attention to the following information: Nominal interest rate or TIN, which indicates how much the lender will charge you for the money he leaves you. Banks generally […]

la reunificación de deudas nos sirve para reducir considerablemente lo que pagamos al mes en cuotas de créditos pendientes

What is online debt reunification?

A debt reunification consists of grouping all the loans, mortgages and consumer credits that you have pending payment in a single loan. With this system we will only have to face the installments of a single loan, a single unified monthly installment. This fee will also be less than the sum of the fees of […]

Cuánto cuesta un crédito online

How much do we pay for an online credit?

When applying for a loan, the first thing we ask ourselves is how much does an online credit cost? We will try to give clear answers to this question in this article. The cost of an online credit depends on several factors: The type of credit: mortgage, consumer, with a car as collateral… The amount that is […]

Tu banco de prestamos personales con ASNEF

A personal loan bank with ASNEF Do you want to know more?

ASNEF is a well-known list in our country. And it is for reasons that in many cases border on injustice. If you are looking for a personal loan bank that can help you get a second chance, in Online Loans you have just found it. Let us explain why. Personal loan bank ... whatever [...]

puedes solicitar préstamos sin cambiar de banco fácilmente

Can I request Loans without changing bank?

As with other financial products, such as mortgages, most personal loans require the client to accept a certain relationship in order to contract a certain product. However, there are exceptions: some banks and, especially, specialized companies that grant loans, have loans without changing banks. Of course, you should read their fine print carefully to see if the price you are going to pay for not working with your regular bank is too high.

Microcreditos rapidos con asnef online

Can you request fast microcredits while at ASNEF?

Currently there are many online financial companies that offer their clients credits even with ASNEF, their requirements and conditions are similar to the rest of Internet credits but with some nuance.

Cómo y dónde solicitar microcréditos rápidos online

How to request fast microcredits online without difficulty?

If you need money quickly and you ask yourself, How can I get fast microcredits online? This is the right place, we will try to solve all your doubts. To request fast micro credits online we have several solutions: You can search for yourself on the internet among the hundreds of companies that grant this type of urgent micro financing, and compare them […]

préstamos entre particulares

What are loans between individuals?

Loans between individuals consist of those credits that are provided by individuals instead of lenders or traditional banks. These personal loans are regulated by Law 16/2011, of June 24, on consumer credit contracts. Loans between individuals are those that occur when we request money from […]

Es mejor una línea de crédito rápido que un préstamo

What is an online credit line and how to get it?

Through a line of credit, the account or card holder has available an amount of money, which can be used in whole or in part. This limit is renewed monthly generally towards the beginning of each month.

Minicréditos sin intereses para el alquiler durante pandemia coronavirus

Government aid to face the coronavirus crisis

The Spanish government proposes a series of rental subsidies for citizens with difficulties to face this expense during and / or because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Calcula correctamente los gastos de tu préstamo personal

How to use a personal loan calculator?

With this tool to calculate personal loans that we provide, we aim to determine without much effort the amounts that you must pay when you request a personal loan.

Que hago si no puedo devolver un crédito

What to do if I cannot pay a loan online?

You have applied for a loan and now you cannot pay it back. What can you do? It all depends on the conditions and the entity where you made the request. We are going to explain the different options and paths that you can follow from now on. Stop paying an online loan, regardless of whether it is a mortgage or individual loan, you can […]

Pedir microcréditos online con ASNEF

Where to request microcredits online with ASNEF?

If you are trying to get microcredits online with asnef we will explain the alternatives and the best way to get it easily. Problems when requesting Microcredits online with ASNEF ?. Being on a delinquent list is not an obstacle to requesting a loan. If you realize that there are more than 100 organizations related to […]

Opiniones y análisis Cuenta inteligente EVO

What are the advantages of the Smart EVO Account?

More information The EVO Banco Smart account is a product that is made up of two accounts connected in one, that is, you have a checking account for expenses and an associated savings account. On the 15th of each month, the balance that exceeds 3,000 euros in your Evo payroll account will be transferred […]

Préstamos de 15000 euros sin aval en pocos minutos

Loans of 15,000 euros without endorsement

To get these loans of 15,000 euros without endorsement, you can trust our suggestion or look for the offer that best suits your needs in our loan comparators of 15,000 euros.

Cómo consigo préstamos rápidos online sin tener nómina ni aval

Fast online loans without payroll or endorsement

You may need fast online loans without payroll or endorsement at any time, you are out of work and you have nothing to put as collateral. Don't worry, from GeorgeDreams we can help you find the money you need in a few minutes.

Préstamos urgentes serios sin pedir nada por adelantado

Serious loans without paying in advance

You can apply for serious urgent loans without asking for anything in advance as long as you can demonstrate sufficient income and you are not in Financial Credit Institutions. Almost everyone sooner or later will find themselves in a situation of urgent need for money, and within all the existing solutions, the most common is to resort to the bank. The problem is that asking […]

Pedir créditos estando en asnef sin propiedad

How to get credits while being in financial institutions without property?

The credits being in ASNEF without property, as its name indicates, do not require a house or property to guarantee us. However, they have a series of common and general requirements for all financial institutions, such as: our personal, professional and economic situation, which must be taken into account.

Solicitar préstamo sin nómina y sin aval

Do you need a loan without payroll and without endorsement?

In those moments when you need money and do not have a payroll or a guarantee, we can help you. At GeorgeDreams we help you find a loan without payroll and without endorsement in a few minutes.

Solicitar préstamos rápidos sin papeles con asnef

Can I get fast loans without papers with asnef?

The answer is yes, you can get fast loans without papers with financial institutions.
But let's see what conditions and requirements we have to meet and what quantities I can request

Como pedir créditos sin nómina ni ingresos

How to get credits without payroll or income

Although it is difficult to find credits without payroll or income, it is possible to get them, we will explain how

Préstamos para jubilados

How to get loans for pensioners?

Are you a pensioner and need money on the spot for an unforeseen expense? We can help you get a loan by receiving a pension. Retirement pension in which the main factor to get your credit is your age. The loan for pensioners that we can request depends a lot on the type of pension you are receiving: […]