How to get credits while being in financial institutions without property?

Pedir créditos estando en asnef sin propiedad

The credits being in ASNEF without property, as its name indicates, do not require a house or property to guarantee us . However, they have a series of common and general requirements for all financial institutions, such as: our personal, professional and economic situation, which must be taken into account.

You will need to present the following documentation:

  • DNI : to prove that you are the person making the request.
  • Proof of regular stable income : It does not necessarily have to be a payroll, it can be unemployment benefits, scholarships, retirement or any other income such as income of some kind.
  • Bank statement : Through which they can evaluate the movements and thus verify that the income you say you receive is real, it also helps to verify that you are the owner of the bank account that you have supplied.

An unpaid telephone bill or the debt of a monthly payment on our credit card can end up becoming an ASNEF entry that will complicate our access to the services associated with financing. However, being in debt doesn't make it too difficult a mission.

Can I get credits being in financial institutions without property?

Yes, currently we can sign a loan contract with ASNEF without a home , because this is a modern service that can be used on many platforms.

Usually, it is private online financing that provides these quick loans for unpaid assets and because banks meet higher requirements than other entities, so people turn to them almost immediately.

The operation with a loan is very simple. Private credit seeking investment opportunities among private lenders with extensive financial knowledge. In exchange for that borrowed capital, they earn interest every month until the loan matures.

Even so, if your name appears in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI, Equifax or EXPERIAN , it will be more difficult than those who do not have negative notes on their credit history. It is what it is, if it appears on the delinquency record, your options will be limited.