How to get loans for pensioners?

Préstamos para jubilados

Are you a pensioner and need money on the spot for an unforeseen expense? We can help you get a loan by receiving a pension.

The loan for pensioners that we can request depends a lot on the type of pension you are receiving:

  • Disability pension, you can get a loan as long as your disability does not prevent you from making financial decisions without difficulties.

The other important factor to take into account in order to apply for loans if you are a pensioner is the amount you receive from the pension.

Requirements you need to receive a loan as a pensioner

The requirements for pension credits are similar to the other cases, with a few small exceptions:

  • Being of legal age, as a pensioner you will have no problem
  • Have a valid DNI or NIF
  • Be a resident of New Jersey or a Spanish citizen
  • Have a solvent and active bank account of which you are the owner
  • Present receipt of the last three pensions you have received, specifying the amount
  • Document proving that you are a pensioner

Grant loans to retirees

Financial entities do not hesitate to grant loans to retirees as long as you show that you are solvent, you do not have debts with financial entities, nor are you on lists of defaulters such as ASNEF.

They do not hesitate because they know that you have a stable periodic income.

The problem may lie in age, since many of these online financing companies have a maximum age requirement, which is usually around the retirement age, even with this we can help you find companies that are willing to grant you credits while you are retired .

As for the requirement of not being in Financial Credit Institutions, it would be the best option, but even if you are in these delinquency files you can apply for loans with Financial Credit Institutions As long as your debt is less than 1000 euros and it is not with financial institutions.

Credits for pensioners with ASNEF

When talking about credits for pensioners with Financial Credit Institutions we have to clarify that: many retired people mistakenly believe that if they go to a bank to ask for cheap loans , they will be rejected because they have no income or are very scarce when it comes to retirement. Well, it's not true at all. Currently, traditional banking entities do not exclude pensioners to urge money in the form of credit, and in many cases they also grant loans to pensioners who are included in Financial Credit Institutions.

When we want to apply for one of the loans for retirees with Financial Credit Institutions, age is the first obstacle or difficulty , since the main risk for the bank is the ability to collect this money or rather the risk of not being able to collect it. . The older it is, the easier it is that the money may never be cashed out. It does not mean that if you are older they will not grant you the loan, but the term you will have to repay it will be tighter. They look more at the age you will have when it comes to repaying the fees than at the age you are currently.