How do I know if I am in ASNEF?

ASNEF cómo conocer si estoy en la lista consejos y consecuencias

Being in ASNEF, requesting a loan and having it rejected at the last minute, or having problems finding financing, are some of the possible situations that those who have their name included in a list of defaulters go through and had no evidence of it.

For those people who have doubts about it and want to make sure if that is the reason, it is for whom this text is directed.

Many people believe that their name cannot appear on any list of defaulters because at the time they have left an unpaid invoice or returned a receipt, it was for an amount that did not exceed 20 or 30 euros.

This is a very common mistake. To be included in ASNEF there is no established minimum amount.

In the event that a company wants to include our name in ASNEF, the usual thing is that we are notified 30 days in advance. But, we may never receive that notification and that in the same way, a company includes us on a list of defaulters.

The moment you have an invoice pending for a long time, you are late in making a payment or if you have not returned a credit on time. It is possible that you are on a list of defaulters such as ASNEF or RAI. Many times they are insignificant bills, which have been passed or you have left for later .

The problem is that if they include you in these delinquent files, it may be very difficult for you to get financing later. Being in Financial Credit Institutions may not give you the possibility of making installment payments in many businesses.

Steps to ensure that you are not in ASNEF

The only way to be completely sure that we are not included in ASNEF is not to have left anything unpaid . Because in the end, even of the smallest amount, there is always some record.

If we want to make sure that we do not appear in any of these records, the steps to follow are the following:

  • The simplest is to go directly to our usual bank office and ask directly if our name is included in any list of defaulters. Banks have access to these files and can make inquiries almost immediately. Although we must be aware that financial institutions are not obliged to provide information of this type, which means that they have every right to refuse if they consider it appropriate.
  • Another means is to hire the services of a company specialized in carrying out this type of procedure and let a professional take charge of taking all the necessary steps. In this way, we will not only know if our name is included in ASNEF, but also this company will take the necessary measures to eliminate our data. In the event that the circumstances established by law for this purpose arise.

By any of the aforementioned ways we can have proof of whether we appear in said files and in the event that you are registered in Financial Credit Institutions you can consult our guide on how to leave Financial Credit Institutions.

If you are looking for financing and you find yourself in this situation you can consult our article on personal loans being in the ASNEF and without endorsement .

Tips for leaving the Financial Credit Institutions

We are going to propose you a series of tips so that you can leave Financial Credit Institutions quickly and easily .

  1. Pay outstanding debt : this is the fastest way to get out of delinquent files. After making the payment of your debt, inform the company that you want to leave the ASNEF file. By law, the company has the obligation to contact ASNEF or other files of defaulters to request that they cancel this non-payment that you had registered. Article 41.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 « The payment or fulfillment of the debt will determine the immediate cancellation of all data related to it «
  2. You can benefit from ARCO rights . In order to exercise this right, we must fill in the cancellation form that we can download from the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency or fill out the online form. We will have to follow their instructions and provide all the documentation that they ask us to support our right.
  3. Wait for the deletion of the registry. After six years have elapsed since the registration of the non-payment, it is eliminated from the ASNEF file with all that it entails.

Consequences of being in ASNEF

With the current crisis, there was an upturn in the number of debt defaults that, in a way, has caused the consequences of being included in a file of defaulters to be not as serious as they were years ago.

Even so, these consequences still exist, the most important of which is greater difficulty in finding funding.

The simple fact that a name appears in ASNEF is more than enough reason for practically all the banking entities to which you go in search of a loan reject the application. And they will only end up giving the green light if we can previously demonstrate that the inclusion in ASNEF is the result of an error.

In the case of small amounts, there are financial entities that can grant us loans with ASNEF . Especially those that are specialized in granting urgent loans .

The problem is that the interests, in this case, will be much higher, and the conditions for compliance with the deadline much more demanding.

Companies and freelancers can also be affected by appearing on the ASNEF list. Especially in the case of trying to hire new suppliers, who will have to prove solvency effectively.