What credit card to apply for?

Advantages, disadvantages, analysis 😊

Discover which are the best credit cards of 2020 in New Jersey

Get the financial freedom you need with credit cards. They offer endless benefits as long as you are aware not to go overboard with the debt you accumulate.

All cards offer a series of advantages, rewards, services, discounts, etc. Find out which are the best cards on the market today.

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👌 What are the best credit cards in 2020?

As we've said before, credit cards can do a great service as long as you control your debt. Since sometimes the interests are very high if you do not meet the specified payment term, it can be higher than 25% APR.

But paying by credit card does not always imply that you have to pay interest, in fact it is normal that if you pay within a maximum period of 30 days the interest is 0% . This is the case of classic bank cards that as long as you have funds in your checking account to cover the debt at the beginning of the following month, you pay 0% interest.

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🔸 Smart EVO credit card

With EVO online banking you have many advantages, all processes are carried out 100% online and many with many discounts on technology and exclusive experiences .

For now we are going to talk to you about the great advantages of your EVO Smart credit card :

  • Free charge at the end of the month.
  • APR 16.08% for installment payments.
  • Always free, with no maintenance fees.
  • Free international withdrawals.
  • Accident insurance, civil liability, fraudulent use and travel and medical assistance.

You can get your EVO Smart card by opening a Smart account 100% online and in less than 10 minutes .

To create your Smart EVO account you just need to:

  • Your DNI or NIE with updated photo.
  • New Jersey resident holder.
  • Not already have a Smart Account with EVO.
  • Mobile phone number.

From EVO they will ask you to meet only ONE of the following conditions to maintain all the benefits of your EVO Smart account .

  • Domicile a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit, whatever its amount.
  • Domicile only 2 monthly bills.
  • Domicile monthly income of at least 600 euros , or only 300 if you are between 25 and 35 years old.
  • Maintain 10,000 euros of liability balance in any EVO banking product.
  • Have any other contracted product other than the Smart EVO Account: Mortgage / loan, Smart Investment Plan, insurance, Investment Funds, Smart Fund, Pension Plans or Smart Piggy Bank.

The EVO Smart online account has many interesting advantages even without direct debit payroll :

  • You have a savings account associated with up to 30,000 euros remunerated with 0.05% APR, in which you can even automatically transfer everything that exceeds 3,000 euros in your EVO Smart account, automatic savings.
  • No commission for opening or maintenance.
  • Free cards, without commissions, one credit and one debit.
  • Accounts with 16,000 ATMs where you can withdraw money without commissions.
  • You can deposit money from any Caja Rural post office or ATM.
  • You can pay with your mobile with Apple Play, Google Pay, EVO Wallet, EVO Bizmum, Hal Cash and others.
  • Voice assistant EVO Assistant, first in a Spanish bank.

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🔸 ING credit card

In the ING credit cards, the following advantages stand out :

  • Payment without interest at the end of the month.
  • For installment payments APR 15%.
  • Free, without expenses or commissions if you work with your payroll account.
  • It has anti-fraud insurance, travel and travel assistance.

To get a credit card at ING you need to contract your payroll account without any additional requirement, or any other of your accounts fulfilling a few simple requirements.

By contracting the ING payroll account you will have the following advantages:

  • You do not pay commissions of any kind.
  • All credit and debit cards are free.
  • You have up to 2 days of overdraft without any expense, totally free.
  • Transfers are free and on the day.
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🔸 BBVA credit card after

The advantages of BBVA credit cards are the following:

  • Payment at the end of the month without interest.
  • In deferred payments APR 19.56%.
  • Free if you hire your payroll account.
  • It has insurance in case of robbery.

If you want to get this credit card, you need to sign up for a checking account that has the following benefits:

  • Zero administration and maintenance fees.
  • No issuance and maintenance fees for debit and credit cards.
  • Accounts with 6,000 BBVA ATMs to withdraw free funds.
  • Free online transfers within the European Economic Area.
  • You do not need to have a payroll to benefit from all its advantages.
  • You can specify up to two headlines at no cost.
  • You can carry out all the processes from your mobile.
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🔸 Bankia On credit card

Bankia offers several credit cards, Bankia On offers the following advantages:

  • It is free and also without commissions if you pay at the end of the month.
  • Installment payments 19.84% APR.
  • Insurance on purchases and accidents.
  • Big discounts on fuel: 3% in Shell and Disa and 2% in Galp.
  • Up to 2 free overseas cash withdrawals.

In addition to these advantages, accounts with several derived from the Bankia Account_ON, necessary to apply for the card:

  • Zero administration and maintenance costs.
  • Zero commissions on transfers to the EU.
  • Zero commissions in maintenance of debit and credit cards.
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🔸 Liberbank Gift Card

Liberbank offers several cards when hiring a smart account with them, this is one of them, their conditions are as follows :

  • 20 euros commission for issuing the card.
  • It is a cash card.
  • The Liberbank Gift Card includes insurance for theft and loss. Thanks to this policy, you will be able to recover all the money that was on your card since you communicated the event to the entity.
  • The Liberbank Gift Card is only used to pay in commercial establishments, but it will not allow you to withdraw money at ATMs.
  • It is not renewable, the Liberbank Gift Card is for single use and will cease to be operational when its expiration date arrives.

The Liberbank gift card is a wallet card , that is, a card with which you can only pay or spend money with the credit previously loaded. It is not linked to a Liberbank account, so you can enjoy absolute security with each payment. It also has an extra function: the Liberbank gift card must be given to another person so that it can be used by someone other than the person who generated it.

It should be noted the insurance that includes the Liberbank gift card, it is a policy that covers the money in case of loss or theft. You can get back all the money you had on your card since the event was reported.

Finally, comment that the entity will donate to UNICEF the money that you would not have used from your Liberbank gift card.

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🔸 Differences between credit card and debit card

The most important difference between these two types of cards is that: the debit card always goes directly against the customer's balance in their checking account. While in the case of the credit card it allows spending on a loan, and this money is normally charged at the end of the month to the checking account without spending. Also giving the possibility of deferring payments by charging interest, which is usually high, around 20% APR.

It should also be noted that credit cards usually offer discounts in many establishments, which can be very interesting. While in the case of debit cards, it is not.

Finally, it is important to comment that if a credit card is used irresponsibly, you can end up with your account balance. But in the case of credit cards it is even more dangerous because you can end your savings and also get into debt even more.

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