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Do you want to know how you can apply for a loan without sending documentation ? We make it easy for you 😊. Read more...

You should know that to apply for online financing you will always have to identify yourself and expose your personal and financial situation, but there are ways to do it without the need to send documentation.

We are going to explain how to get the mini credit instantly without sending documentation and where you can request them.

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Can you request a loan without sending documentation?

The answer is yes, anyway you always have to prove your identity and some other information to be granted a credit . Currently there are several online tools that help companies to identify you and check your financial solvency:

Instant verification instantly

Instantor is a platform created by Instantor AB based in Sweden . Through this tool, many financial entities can:

  • Verify the identity of your customers online
  • Instantly check the financial solvency of clients

With this tool you will not need to send any type of documentation to be granted credit, since your information can be verified in real time.

What if I can't use Instantor?

Some companies do not use this tool to verify the identity and solvency of their clients, in those cases you must send a minimum of documentation:

  • Photocopy of valid DNI or NIE to confirm your identity
  • Bank statement to verify that you are the account holder and that you have solvency
  • Some document that proves that you receive stable income: payroll, pension, benefit, subsidies, minimum vital income, rental income, or others.
Cómo conseguir créditos sin enviar documentación

How to apply for a loan without documentation?

The first thing is to find a company that accepts the verification through Instantor or another tool of the same type , once found, the 0 steps to follow are the same as with the rest of online credits:

  1. Select amount and return period
  2. You identify yourself with Instantor and you no longer need to fill out forms or send any type of documentation
  3. In seconds you receive a response to your request
  4. If the request is accepted in minutes, you receive the money in your bank account through transfer (it may take up to 24 hours if you work with a bank other than the lender)

Where to ask for fast credit without sending documents?

Currently many companies offer financing without sending documents over the Internet, you just have to search a little. These are mostly companies that use Instantor to verify the identity and creditworthiness of their clients.

At PresgamosOnlineYa we have a credit comparison without papers and without sending documentation where you can find all the information about lenders that work with this type of product.

Requirements to meet to request credit without sending documentation

The requirements for this type of financing are the usual ones:

  • Be of age
  • New Jersey resident
  • Have stable income
  • Email and mobile phone
  • New Jersey bank account with online banking
  • Be registered on the Instantor platform

The last requirement is the one that differentiates the loans instantly without sending documentation from the rest of the credits over the Internet .

Tips to get credit without documentation easily

To make it much easier to obtain the money without sending documentation, you can follow these tips:

  • Do not request an amount that you are not sure you can return without difficulties.
  • Have your DNI or NIE digitized, a recent bank statement and proof of your income to speed up your application.
  • Before accepting the contract, read carefully all the terms of the contract.
  • Have your Instantor profile updated

Frequently asked questions about credits without online documentation

Can I get credit without documentation if I don't have a payroll?

Yes, although you will always have to prove your solvency by proving some stable income , not necessarily a payroll. You can see where to get credits without payroll and without sending documentation

I am in ASNEF.Can I apply for a loan without sending documents?

Yes, although companies have a ceiling for the ASNEF debt that ranges from 1000 to 3000 euros and you must also justify that you have income.

Can I get 1000 euros without sending documentation?

Yes, although the higher the amount, the more requirements you must meet, and it is usually somewhat more difficult. You can see companies that grant credits of 1,000 euros without documentation online here

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