Credit with ASNEF and without payroll through Viaconto

With Viaconto you can request credits of up to 600 euros even if you are in ASNEF with a debt of less than 1000 euros.

You can have your money in 15 minutes after accepting your request.

The credit application process is 100% online, fast, simple and comfortable , since you can do it from any place and device with an Internet connection.

Your first online credit with Viaconto for less than 300 euros is FREE , without interest or commissions!

Tu primer crédito GRATIS con Viaconto con ASNEF y sin Nómina, hasta 300 euros en 15 minutos

Viaconto credits with ASNEF

Being able to request mini-credits with Viaconto has many advantages, in addition to being able to obtain your first credit for free , you can request mini loans online with ASNEF , RAI, EQUIFAX or any other delinquent file in which you are included. As long as the debt is less than 1000 euros.

Viaconto is a solution for all those who thought that they could not apply for credit while in arrears files.

We can have access to money quickly with Viaconto in those moments of lack of liquidity due to something unforeseen.

You can request credits from 50 to 600 euros , 300 euros if you are a new client.

How to request credits with Viaconto?

Requesting an urgent loan with Viaconto is very easy, you just have to visit their website , fill out a simple form with your personal information.

Once you make your application and the loan conditions are accepted (Amount and term) you must verify your financial situation with one of the following systems:

  • Perform an analysis through Instantor, for which we will simply need the number of the bank account where we want the money to be entered, of which you must be the owner.
  • Send the required documents to the email address provided by Viaconto.

The documentation necessary to complete the online loan application with Viaconto will be: scanned ID, bank receipt of the account that you have supplied to enter the money to verify that you are the owner and a document that proves that you receive periodic income of any kind (No necessarily payroll).

Whichever system you use, it is much simpler than it sounds and will only take a few minutes.

To finalize the request for your credit, you will receive an SMS to your mobile phone in less than 15 minutes with Viaconto's response to your request to get the quick credit.

You must have a working mobile phone number since Viaconto usually carries out all its communications through SMS.

Once you receive the SMS message you will know if your request has been approved or denied, when it is approved you will receive in the SMS a personal verification code that you will need to receive the money from the mini-credit in your bank account.

Credit confirmation with Viaconto

To confirm the credit agreement and receive our money, the last step remains, which will be to go to the Viaconto website, and within our personal area we must accept the final terms and conditions of the loan and enter the verification code that has been sent to us by SMS. This point is very important, without that code they will not enter the money.

The money can be deposited immediately if your bank account is from one of the entities with which Viaconto usually works or 24 and 48 hours otherwise.

Viaconto Internet Credit Requirements

The requirements to be able to request credits with Viaconto are:

  • Be between 25 and 65 years of age.
  • Be a resident of New Jersey.
  • Not having debts exceeding 1,000 euros.
  • Demonstrate periodic income (it does not have to be a payroll)

The debt should not be with banks, even if it is less than 1,000 euros.

Even if we have Spanish nationality, we must reside in New Jersey in order to get the Viaconto credit online.

The income can be pensions, or unemployment benefits, or even income from real estate rental, you do not necessarily have to present a payroll, we can be unemployed.

Compliance with these requirements does not mean that we can get the money, each case will be analyzed based on the possible risks of non-payment.

How to repay a Viaconto loan?

Returning the credit money with Viaconto is very easy, it is done in a single installment with the total amount of the credit and its interests and commissions (remember that your first credit is free if it is less than 300 euros).

We can make the payment of the fee directly at the bank window, by bank transfer or by charging it to our credit or debit card from any ATM.

What happens if I cannot pay the Viaconto credit on time?

If the deadline for making the loan payment has arrived, we do not have enough money to face it, we can defer the loan.

This postponement supposes a commission established in advance in the contract that can be: 7 days for 14 euros, 14 days for 20 euros and 30 days for 39 euros.

If we cannot face the repayment of the credit or the deferral, penalties for delay will be generated, through which we would generate an interest of 1% of the loan amount each day. With a maximum of two and a half times the established APR9 of the credit, by law.

If the loan payment continues to be delayed, we can be included in delinquent files such as ASNEF or others, limiting our possibility of obtaining credit in the future.

With all this you can always consult their frequently asked questions about loans.

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