Quick Credits That Good Without Payroll

QueBueno offers immediate credits without payroll, without proving income, with ASNEF.

you only need to be the holder of a credit card associated with a bank account .

With queBueno you can get up to 300 euros to return in 32 days if you are a new customer.

If we have already been a QueBueno client, we can request up to 900 euros.

With QueBueno, the management of your online credit application is done in 15 minutes .

OFERTA QUEBUENO, Créditos urgentes hasta 900 euros sin nómina, en ASNEF,sin enviar documentación, fácil y rápido

QueBueno credit granting policy

QueBueno makes it clear to us from the beginning that its product is not created to be a regular financing , it must be used responsibly and for specific occasions of lack of liquidity.

QueBueno offers your urgent credits with total transparency and reliability , from the first moment you know how much you are going to pay for your fast loan.

Thanks to its credit simulator , you select the amount and term, and you see at all times what interests and commissions the application for the mini credit you need will carry you.

The main objective of QueBueno is that its clients are totally satisfied with their online credit service , being transparent and promoting the responsible use of their credits.

How does QueBueno work?

QueBueno's system to request quick credits is very simple , you enter their website , select the amount and term, fill in a simple form with your personal data and in less than 10 minutes you will know if your credit application is approved or not .

As we have already seen, the maximum for new customers is 300 euros, and for users who have already used their service correctly, up to 900 euros.

The instant mini-credits from QueBueno are managed in 15 minutes , without having to send the necessary documentation, you already know if your credit will be approved.

In this way we can quickly know if we will have the fast money we need.

Once the online application for your credit is approved, you must send the necessary documents to accredit the information you have sent them.

With QueBueno you do not need to round the amount you need, you can adjust the amount you request to the euro, in order to pay the minimum interest and commissions.

We can also return the money in advance of the term agreed in principle, also saving on final costs.

Documents to request credits online with QueBueno

With QueBueno the documentation to be delivered is minimal, it has an easy and efficient system to validate the loan requests of its clients.

You will not need payroll, or bank statements, nor will they investigate if we are on lists of defaulters such as ASNEF or RAI.

The only thing we need is to have a credit card associated with a bank account of which we are holders.

It's that simple, in this way QueBueno , when the repayment period arrives, make a charge with the amount of the mini-loan to our credit card and that's it.

If, for any reason, we cannot carry out this operation with our credit card, we can always return the money by bank transfer .

Delays in the payment of the QueBueno credits

We must be clear that always, before requesting a quick online loan to finance ourselves , we must be sure that we will be able to return it within the term agreed in the contract.

Anyway we know that unforeseen events can occur, just as you needed the money at the time, something can happen that prevents you from facing the payment when the time comes.

It is best to contact QueBueno in these cases and expose your situation in order to reach an agreement that helps both parties to complete the service with satisfaction.

If once the time has come to pay the credit, we cannot afford it, QueBueno will apply a cost of 10 euros for breach of contract .

If 15 more days pass, they will apply another 5 euros, and 5 euros more if we reach 75 days.

In addition to this, we are charged interest of 0.99% of the total amount of the credit for each day of late payment .

As we can see, it is very important to make sure that you are able to pay the payment on time, so as not to fall into extra expenses that can get us into a spiral of debt from which it is difficult to get out.

QUEBUENO guest rating 4.8 / 10 from 65 votes.