Can I request Loans without changing bank?

puedes solicitar préstamos sin cambiar de banco fácilmente

Discover how you can apply for loans without changing banks easily and 100% online, without explanations, the money in your account in less than 24 hours.

As with other financial products, such as mortgages, most personal loans require the client to accept a certain relationship in order to contract a certain product. However, there are exceptions: some banks and, especially, specialized companies that grant loans, have loans without changing banks . Of course, you should read their fine print carefully to see if the price you are going to pay for not working with your regular bank is too high.

If the offers of traditional banks do not seem adequate enough or you simply do not have that possibility, you have the option of looking for loans without changing banks among the many options of online lenders that currently exist in the Spanish market. You can get amounts from 50 to 60,000 euros and return in a single payment or in monthly installments up to 72 months.

We lend online on the spot without changing banks

Yes, there are companies that lend you money on the spot and without having to change banks. The only minor inconvenience is that if you do not work with one of the banking entities with which the lender works, it may take up to 48 hours for the money to be at your disposal.

In cases where the client works with one of the banks with which the company that lends you the money has an agreement, you can count on the credit a few minutes after the request is approved .

What do I need to borrow without changing banks?

The answer to this question is simple, in addition to the basic requirements that you need to meet to apply for any online credit, such as:

  • Adult
  • New Jersey resident
  • Valid DNI or NIE
  • Recurring income
  • Email or mobile

In addition to these requirements, you must be the owner of a Spanish bank account, and that it has an online banking option , a service currently offered by almost all traditional banking entities.

Where can I apply for this type of loan?

Well, there are many entities that currently offer this financial product .

You only need to search online, or visit our comparator where we provide online loans . You will find dozens of companies that grant loans online without having to change banks.

In reality, all online lenders transfer money to your bank account, regardless of the bank you are working with, as long as you have online banking .

The cases in which you are required to change banks are in which you request credit from a bank and you do not have an account with it. Normally one of the requirements that many traditional banks ask for when requesting financing with them is that you have an open checking account, among other things.

If we are not convinced of the terms of our bank's personal loans and we don't like other online products, a good option is to change banks .